Welcome to the Review Editing Analytical Database of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO-READ). The GEO reports are the United Nations Environment Programme’s flagship assessments, published periodically, as well as generating multiple thematic, regional, and audience-specific assessments.

GEO-READ supports and enhances the rigor, credibility, and transparency of the assessment’s review process. It also provides review editors and other stakeholders with various analytical tools to guide and supplement their work as they analyse the large numbers of comments provided by peer and government-nominated reviewers. This digitizing of the review process responds to the UN Secretary General’s ‘Our Common Agenda’ by fostering increased digital cooperation through a new governance and administrative model for GEO, and is an example of UNEP’s ongoing digital transformation.

The system provides different services and privileges to different users, whether they are report authors, reviewers, review editors, members of GEO advisory boards, or members of the GEO secretariat. If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of the system, please consult one of the following video tutorials, or click here to download the full FAQ manual.

For inquiries regarding access to the system, please contact: [email protected]. For technical support or questions about using the system, please contact: [email protected]